Prosperity Health Forum: Is your practice 'payroll tax audit ready'?

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Is your practice 'payroll tax audit ready'?

There continues to be uncertainty regarding payroll tax risk for medical practices, with recent payroll tax cases highlighting the independence of contracting doctors. Practices should consider a range of measures to ensure doctor independence.  

Many medical practices are introducing additional system changes, including multiple bank accounts and an EFTPOS machine for each independent GP practitioner.

When considering whether your medical practice may be subject to payroll tax, there are many factors to consider, including:

  • Final considerations and latest update on the QLD Payroll Tax amnesty, if you’ve been holding out on your decision to apply for your expression of interest. Expression of interests close 29 September 2023.
  • Are your contracts up to date and do they reflect the independent contractor arrangement?
  • Are the patient fees collected and paid directly to the GP? Or are they collected by the medical centre and remitted to the GP?
  • Does the medical practice provide use of rooms and facilities as a service or as a lease?
  • Does the medical practice exercise control over the practitioner?
  • Are the GPs required to use the medical practice facilities to see and treat their patients, or do they have discretion on how they conduct their own business?
  • Are the patients attributed to the independent GP/other practitioner or the medical practice?

Join us as we discuss recent developments and what practices can do to minimise their payroll tax risk exposure.

Webinar details 

  • 7.00pm AEST
  • Wednesday, 27 September 2023
  • Via Zoom


Brendan Campbell
Director of Business Services and Taxation
Prosperity Advisers Group

Manager of Taxation Services
Prosperity Advisers Group

Craig Hong
Hillhouse Legal Partners